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UV BENCH incl. 4 bulbs, key-enabled safety lock, 3 m cord and safety instructions.

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Yes, included in the packages is a safety and user manual.  Do you have any further questions about safety, please contact us at

The UV BENCH is designed with safety in mind for everyone. No safety equipment is needed to operate the bench. UV BENCH has a key-enabled safety lock.

UV BENCH must never be used to irradiate skin, people, animals or other living objects.

UV BENCH does not burn things and has an auto build in timer that turns off when the disinfect is done usally in 10 sec. However, we always recommend only having UV BENCH turned on when in use.


The only consumable is the bulbs. They will last for up to 8.000 hours, which means 10 years if you use it 4 hours a day for 200 days a year.

Be cleaned with a dry cotton cloth or paper towel. Wear rubber gloves and clean with a paper towel or clean cotton cloth, using a small amount of isopropyl alcohol only. Clean UV BENCH like you clean any other appliances with a cloth and soap.


UV BENCH is made for disinfect of items such as electronic equipment, toys, sports equipment, hymn books, glasses, etc. that frequently switch hands making them potential ‘hotspots’ for the spread of bacteria and viruses

The UV BENCH can be used to clean a surface of any microorganism (viruses, bacteria, protozoa etc). For more resistant microbes, a longer exposure time might be required for successful disinfection.

Some examples are shown in the table – click here.

For a more comprehensive list, and for sources, please see the article we have put together.

UV BENCH reduces the bioburden, so for items that frequently switch hands, we recommend a more frequent interval – this could be in the morning when coming into the office – during lunch break and again in the evening before leaving work.

For daily exposure of 30-60 seconds it will not. Very long exposures can degrade materials.


The energy of UVC light interacts with DNA and RNA altering its structure so that it does not function. This effectively neutralizes the microorganism, so that it will not be able to function or replicate.

The rate of disinfection can be measured in a laboratory with capabilities of measuring microbial count on a surface. The UV output can be measured, and correlated to existing studies, to get a good indication of the level of disinfection of the surface.

Specific for SARS-COV-2 also called Covid-19 UV BENCH has been tested with live virus at the Southern University of Denmark (SDU). A starting concentration for 10.000 live virus was reduced to zero in 10 seconds in UV BENCH, stating at least a 3log reduction or so called 99.9% reduction.

See the full report here